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10 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home and Family

Termites need food, water, and shelter to survive. The key to termite prevention is to keep your home, office or establishment clean, which keeps them from finding a means to survive. It is also worthwhile to know that termite infestations are not just limited to houses, termites are also found in the gardens as well. Learning how to spot the signs of termites helps to save your house structures from getting too damaged for repairs.

  • Fix any leaking pipes and taps, and keep structures dry to avoid giving termites sources of water.

  • Seal all cracks around utility and water pipes to keep termites from crawling through these in search of food.

  • Remove possible food sources, including unused timber, stumps or debris from your premises.

  • Try and avoid using mulch on garden beds adjacent to the house.

Mulch presents a viable food source for termites in the garden.

  • Remove all occurrences of tree branches touching the house structure.

  • Look out for mud tubes around the house and garden.

  • Check for discarded termite wings on window sills and floors.

  • Watch out for faecal pellets, which are the droppings of drywood termites after consuming wood.

  • Papery or hollow sounding timber when tapped, this could indicate the presence of termites in wood.

  • Be aware of tight fitting and hard to open doors or windows.

It is true that termites come from underground soil as they need moisture and cover to protect their body against desiccation and predators. The subterranean termites build mud tubes out of soil and sand to travel around. While landed properties in Malaysia are at risk, termites have found their way into high-rise buildings and are a threat as they are capable of climbing up to as high as 26 storeys!

With early detection and inspection, taking preventive measures, and understanding how termite infestation starts at a home with early signs, homeowners can minimise these risks and damages, and reduce the cost of prevention or treatment, which tends to be more affordable compared to renovating or repairing the entire home.

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