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Liquid Termiticide Treatment

Liquid termiticide is one of the most effective anti-termite treatments available to achieve total termite control. Our Rentokil Liquid Termiticide Treatment provides a holistic defence to protect against termite infestations on your property, while our trained service technicians and service package warranty will leave you worry free.

How Does Liquid Termiticide Work?

The liquid termiticide is applied around the perimeter of your property by drilling holes and injecting the liquid into the ground. This creates a barrier surrounding your premises that separates your building from the soil. As subterranean termites tunnel through treated zones to find food, the termiticide will be ingested as well as coat the termites body. The affected termites will then spread the termiticide to the entire colony through physical contact, thus eliminating your infestation.  

Your Termite Treatment Starts Here

However, if you have already noticed signs of termites, you can check out our baiting treatment which is catered to getting rid of active termite.

Why Rentokil?

Rentokil provides safe and effective termite solutions available to protect your home and family from the destruction of termites. Furthermore, not only are all our service technicians trained and well-equipped to give you the best possible service, to provide our customer a greater peace of mind we warrant the effectiveness of our termite treatment according to the service packages. Should there be any re-infestations of subterranean termites within the service package warranty period, we will carry our re-treatment.


  • Highly Effective - Our treated zones are proven highly effective to eliminate and deter termite infestations

  • Long Term Protection - Our service packages provide you with peace of mind that your structure will be protected from 2 to 5 years, depending on the package chosen

  • Termite Colony Management - Our technicians are experts in the management of any termite colony through their intensive training and tools.

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