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Stored Product Insects Solutions

Our solutions are designed to effectively control stored product insects infestations in high risk areas and caters to every business needs. Using our Exclusion, Restriction, Treatment and Monitoring structure coupled with expert recommendations through our trained service technicians, our solutions provide a holistic defense in your premises.

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Fumigation is applied on your goods in an enclosed and airtight space to eradicate stored product insects in any life cycles. Based on the infestation, we offer 2 types of fumigation services which are quarantine and non-quarantine fumigation.

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Residual Spraying

Residual spraying is the process of spraying treatment solutions around your premises to target stored product insects. When the pests come in contact with the solution which will lead to their demise


Space Treatment

The space treatment is executed with fogging and misting. Our thermal fogging solution is water-based which reduces carbon emission and is environmentally friendly. The misting treatment utilises water droplets mixed with pesticide to target SPIs present at your premises


Pheromones Trap

The pheromone trap emits pheromones released by the female beetles to lure the male beetles to the trap. With this, it can determine whether there's SPI at your premise. The technician will place several traps in various locations to detect the hotspots of the SPIs infestation

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