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Stored Product Insects Prevention

It’s definitely hard to keep a look-out for these tiny little pests as they are not as easily detected with eyes as other pests since they are hiding inside the packaging or even in the grain itself. Thus, it is important to have some preventive methods to stop these pests from harboring your goods.

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  • Proper Storage - The best practice to prevent stored-product insects infestation in your premise begins with proper storage. For the commercial businesses, it is advised to keep all the foods off the ground far away from the floor while the pallets are placed at least 45cm away from the walls.

  • First In First Out - Most companies practice First In First Out (FIFO) when it comes to stock management whereby the older products will be placed outwards while the new products will be set behind these older items. With this rotation, it can reduce the infestation risk of SPIs as the older products are being removed first. As the older products are at the front, it will be visible and has easier accessibility for the employees to inspect for any signs of SPIs and fast action can be taken should there be any infestation.

  • Sanitation - SPIs love to harbour around the void in the food processors so make sure to regularly clean the machineries and equipment. If you used any vacuums during the cleaning process, make sure to empty the dirtbag and dispose of the food residue properly. Or else, it can lead to new infestation of the SPIs due to the leftover residue found in the vacuum.

  • Repair the broken structures - Notably the doors and windows. It is suggested to install door sweepers and air curtains if necessary. This can reduce the risks of the SPIs from entering premises that stored your goods.

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