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Our Rat Solutions

Our solutions are designed to effectively control rat infestations in high risk areas and caters to every business needs. Using our Exclusion, Restriction, Treatment (Destruction), and Monitoring structure coupled with expert recommendations through our trained service technicians, our solutions provide a holistic defense in your premises.

Exclusion and Restriction

  • Proofing - With our proofing services, we can rodent-proof your premises with the use of rat nettings and roguards to prevent access to your premises. This includes windows, doors and other holes in walls, ceilings or floors that are created from rodent bitings.

  • Total Hygiene Awareness Talk (THAT) - We provide talks and education on the importance of proper hygiene habits and raise awareness among your employees

  • Motion Sensor Camera - Our motion sensor camera can be deployed to confirm rodent problems in suspected areas with rodent activity before signing up with our packages

Destruction and Monitoring

Bait Traps

Our safe and secured rodenticide bait stations lure rodents while preventing access from other non-targeted animals. Each trap is designed for specific locations, be it indoors or outdoors, providing multiple lines of defense.


RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance) is a device that captures, kills and contains rodent humanely and hygienically. RADAR is part of an ecosystem of connected devices known as PestConnect, which captures and transmit data to myRentokil for customers and stakeholders to view anytime. This innovative monitoring solution is designed to complement Integrated Rodent Management for high risk business environments.

Other Rodent Solutions

  • Humane Rodent Trap - A non-toxic trap that uses lures to attract rats, the humane rodent trapped is equipped with a C02 canister. The rat triggers the mechanism which instantly kills the rat without any pain.

  • Rodent Condo Trap - The rodent condo trap uses natural food to lure rats into the device. Rats will then be dropped into an alcohol based solution, inducing an alcohol coma and humane death. The device is equipped with low power consumption capabilities which guarantees 5,000 continuous cycles and is able to capture more than 20 rats per cycle.

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