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How To Get Rid Of Rats

Get Your Home Inspected

Finding rats in your home and hearing suspicious noises coming from your roof or behind your walls can be very frightening. Rats discovered in business premises too can pose a real threat to stored products and damage to property.

On top of the health hazard like leptospirosis and food contamination, rats are also known to cause fires by chewing through wiring. They can even gnaw through wood, plastics and mild steel.

The first step in getting rid of rats will be to examine your home or business premises for possible entry points such as roofs, drains and sewer pipes or any gaps around the windows and doors. An inspection by professionals will help identify the correct species and ensure that the most effective solution is being carried out.

Choose Your Method

DIY or Professional?

Seeking DIY solution may seem like a cheaper alternative but that is not always the case. Some of the risk you may need to consider before choosing DIY option are:

  • Root cause of the problem may not be treated - It may repel rats in a short period of time but may not necessarily expel them from your home or business premises completely
  • Safety risk - Incorrect application of bait and rodenticides can increase the safety and health hazrds to you, your family and your employees
  • Risk spreading of the infestation - If the root cause of the problem is not solved, it may worsen the situation hence causing a severe infestation

When it comes to getting rid of rats in the long run, you are advised to only seek for professional help because they:

  1. Take proactive approach to managing an infestation
  2. Adopt more than one application to completely get rid of rats
  3. Understand how to manage and where to find the infestation

The professional option requires you to only find your local, expert pest controller to get rid of the problem for you. Trained service technicians have the experience and correct knowledge to better handle rats and ensure treatment is correctly applied to eradicate the infestation

  • Getting Rid Of Rats With Home Remedies

    Discovering rats in our homes may often lead us to getting rid of the problem on our own by using home remedies. However, is it really effective?

  • Professional Rat Treatment

    Professional rat removal is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats. At Rentokil, our rat baits and traps are placed inside tamper resistant bait stations and stationed at rodents infestation area. They are designed to manage rodent infestations in your home and business premises, giving you a peace of mind.

  • Why Choose Rentokil?

    • At Rentokil, our qualified local service technicians are backed by global knowledge and innovation. Our expert services offer a reliable form of rat control and a long term solution to a rat infestation.
    • We can respond to your call out within 2 hours to arrange/schedule a site inspection of your property to identify the need for control.
    • As part of our service, we offer a proactive inspection service to reduce future risks. Our recommendation is to inspect all high risk areas of your home or business, the exact details will be agreed with you.
    • Early detection of rat infestation is essential to quick and effective treatment.
    • myRentokil, our user friendly online reporting system grants you access to information, such as contract details and service reports at your fingertips.

Take Action

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