Pest & Insect Identification

Identify your Pest

Our list of pest types here are full scale and covers potentially all kinds you can find globally, which is great for researchers. We continue to update this tool with any insects and common pests types that we can find in Malaysia, including termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, and rodents so that information are made available for you to find your particular pest species. Once you understand your pest problem, you will be able to decide on the best treatment more easily.

What pest is in my home?

Need to know what fly species that is buzzing around your kitchen? Or which kind of termite has decided to make your home their own?

A wide variety of pests like flies, termites, cockroaches, ants and rats can be found in homes and businesses throughout Malaysia. The difference between bugs found in Kuala Lumpur to insects common in Penang can be quite distinct but often too subtle to easily identify.

Correct bug or pest identification will help you to:

  • Reduce risks to your health and damage to your property.
  • Save money and time with quicker reaction to an infestation.
  • Select the most effective pest management treatment.

Now you can save valuable money and time by using Pest ID to quickly identify your unwanted pest and help you decide on the most effective treatment for control and future prevention.

Why Property Inspections are Important in Protecting Your Premises from Pest?

Effective pest management is undeniably crucial and often one of the most challenging areas in manufacturing sectors, particularly the food related industries. Besides causing financial losses, a pest infestation regardless of severity, may lead to food recalls, which will consequently tarnish a company’s reputation.

Building and pest inspections are essential in an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme because it allows you to monitor and detect any pest activities and the vulnerabilities in your properties.

At Rentokil, we recommend 2 types of inspections as part of our IPM strategy:

  • Premises Inspection
  • Pest Inspection

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