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RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance) is a device that captures, kills and contains mice humanely and hygienically.

RADAR is designed for businesses with zero tolerance to pests and where conventional poison baiting is not allowed for safety reasons, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities.

It is designed to take advantage of a mouse’s natural and inquisitive behaviour in moving around inside a building, so it will enter the unit where it is automatically trapped.

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Complete Mouse Control Solution

RADAR can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management system to eradicate mice, provide automated monitoring and protection and put the customer in control of pest concerns.

The unit also has a self-monitoring system that provides advance warning of issues such as low battery life, allowing timely renewal of batteries thereby ensuring continuous protection.

The RADAR mouse control solution gives customers the five-stage cyclical service to offer full protection against mouse infestation that includes:

  • Monitor - RADAR units are placed at strategic points around the facility to provide continuous monitoring of mouse activity.

  • Alert - Infrared sensors inside detect when a mouse enters a unit and signals the unit to close both entrances, trapping the mouse in a tightly sealed container. Once fully closed, CO2 is released into the chamber, killing the mouse safely and humanely.

  • Respond - The technician will contact the customer to schedule a visit to the site upon receiving the alert. When onsite, the technician will remove the mouse, clean and reset the RADAR unit. The technician will also inspect the facility to determine how the mouse infestation occurred and identify ways to improve protection and prevention.

  • Report - The technician records the service activity in a PDA which sends the data to a server. The customer has immediate, real-time access to all the service visit and incident data in myRentokil.

  • Optimise - Following the onsite survey, the technician recommends preventive measures, which are recorded in the PDA and also made available to the customer in myRentokil. The customer can access all the incident data for auditing, to identify risks, act on recommendations and chart trends across all their sites to comply with legislative requirements and regulatory standards.

Advantages of RADAR

  • 24/7 protection: effective 24/7 detection and eradication of mice within a customer’s premises.
  • Self-contained unit: allows for service with no disruption to a customer’s premises.
  • Pesticide-free protection: no toxic pesticides are used, thereby keeping sensitive areas safe.
  • Uses humane CO2: Rentokil are the only company allowed to use carbon dioxide as a rodenticide according to the Biocidal Products Directive.
  • Discreet and unobtrusive: units are placed at wall-floor junctions.
  • Hygienic: units are hygienic, easy to clean and more discreet than other pest control alternatives.
  • Real time reporting: myRentokil gives easy access to data with immediate records of incidents available online and alerts sent via email or SMS notifications.
  • Self-monitoring system: RADAR is a highly reliable self-monitoring system that provides advance warning of any issues such as low battery life, ensuring continuous protection.
  • Improved audit compliance: trends and analyses are made available on myRentokil, providing additional assurance to third-party auditors.
  • Complete records online: data is transmitted from onsite directly into myRentokil, logging all activity and historical data.
  • Tailored risk thresholds: providing the flexibility to adjust alerts in accordance with any prevalent risks and/or particular priorities that are bespoke to business requirements.

The RADAR Connect system using sensing technology.