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CageConnect is designed to deal with the issue of trapping rodents in an effective and humane way, without a technician needing to check the trap every day. With its intelligent technology, an automated alert will be sent over to the myRentokil system when a rodent is trapped, enabling our service technician to respond quickly.

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Complete Mammal Control Solution

As with all the Connect systems, Rentokil provides a five-stage service for monitoring and managing pests:
  • Monitor - The site is continuously monitored by the Cage unit. When a small mammal enters the cage the unit detects it and closes the trap gate, humanely trapping the animal, recording the capture and sending the information to the Rentokil cloud server.

  • Alert - After an animal is captured the unit automatically sends an SMS alert via the mobile phone network to the PDA of a technician and the customer portal, myRentokil.

  • Respond - A technician will receive the alert and schedule a visit to the activated trap within agreed timeframes, ensuring the customer’s business is free of pests and compliant with regulations.

  • Report - The technician records their service visit activity in myRentokil, which provides real-time information online to the customer to identify risks and trends and access recommendations, sitemaps and audit checklists.

  • Optimise - The technician removes the wildlife pest from the Cage unit, inspects the area and recommends preventive pest control measures for optimum protection of the customer site.

Advantages of Cage Connect

  • Automated alerts: the unit alerts automatically when a rodent is trapped.
  • Wireless technology: real-time alerts are sent over wireless networks to technicians and the customer portal.
  • Immediate response: on receiving an automated alert the technician can quickly arrange a site visit with customer.
  • Helps legal compliance: ensures response is within the timeframe required by legislation.
  • Reduced visits: technicians do not need to visit the site to check the traps until an animal is caught.
  • Real time data: data is available to customers in real time in myRentokil.
  • Complete records online: all activity and historical data is available in myRentokil.