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Mitigate Supply Chain Risks Through Technology

As population grows globally, supply chains spanning multiple countries become increasingly strained. All these factors have adverse effects on food safety. Pest infestation can happen anywhere from raw materials to cooked meals on the customer's table. The consequences can be felt widely, ranging from stock loss to reputation damage and from product recalls to food poisoning. Hence, technology has allowed better data transparency and traceability, which in turn helps to secure the credibility of the entire supply chain. This ultimately improves food trust and creates safe food and supplies for all.

PestConnect - Setting A New Standard with Improved Data Transparency

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices with the ability to communicate with one another is no longer limited to gadgets. We believe data should influence key decisions as data-informed decisions are always the best. Hence, the ability to capture meaningful data stands at the core of the development of PestConnect. 

PestConnect is our latest innovative solution designed to support businesses with increasingly stringent audit requirements and complex prerequisite programmes. It is an ecosystem of connected devices which capture and transmit data back to myRentokil, so data is available for customers and relevant stakeholders anytime, anywhere. With the availability of data at every stage, it provides our customer with improved data transparency and better traceability. Thus setting a new standard for pest control industry in Malaysia.

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Rat Riddance

Rat Riddance Connect, the latest addition to the PestConnect ecosystem, is our non-toxic innovation to monitor and manage rodent infestations. The Rat Riddance unit is placed in a tamper resistant baiting box which is placed at strategically chosen areas. Once a rodent is captured, the unit sends an immediate signal to the control panel. Our technicians then receive a notification to service the unit and reset for the next catch. Rat Riddance Connect provides our customers with 24/7 surveillance, transparent reporting and without any disruptions to your daily operations.  


RADAR is the expression of PestConnect. This innovative solution is designed to complement Integrated Pest Management for high risk business environments, especially where toxic solution is not an option or where there is minimal human traffic to deter rodents. This unit can then be strategically placed to monitor rodent activity. 

When the infrared sensors inside detect an entry, they will close both entrances to trap the rodent in a tightly sealed container. Once fully closed, CO2 is released into the chamber, killing the rodent instantly and humanely. At the same time, a signal will be sent to the control panel, informing our technician to service the unit, providing you a seamless and unobstructive service.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Always Connected - Syncs real time data 24/7 seamlessly with myRentokil, so you have access to all service reports.

  • Hygienic & Humane - Instantly kills rodents with non-toxic solutions in a self-contained unit to prevent further infestation.

  • Seamless Service - Our PestConnect units will inform our technicians to come when there is a catch, so you can focus on your other priorities.

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