Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Expert Insights on DIY Termite Solutions

Termites infestation is one of the most agonising problems in Malaysia due to our tropical environment and high humidity. Often, termites can go undetected in your homes until extensive damages and costs have incurred by then. Reports have shown that termite infestations can cost up to RM40 million damages in Malaysia annually. To make matters worse, these expenses are not covered by most insurance policies.

Termites are considered as destructive pests due to their wood consuming behaviour. Termite workers could feed on wood 24 hours a day and will continue to forage for food until they find new food source, be it a tree stump or your home. An infestation can also occur when alates (the winged reproductive termites) land on your home during their mating flight.

Nowadays, wide range of DIY termite baiting solutions and termiticide are easily available in the market. Although it is true that DIY termite treatment is considerably cheaper, there could be risks and disadvantages that homeowners need to take into account before purchasing one:

  • Health Risk – Some off-the-shelf termiticides may be toxic to humans and incorrect application can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Therefore, it is very important that the chemical applications are done by experienced technicians with Pesticide Application License (PAL) or Assistant Pesticide Applicator License (APAL).
  • Extra Cost Incurred – As you may not know the full extent of the problem, DIY might not treat the source of infestation or drive existing termites to forage to the other areas of your home and prolonged infestation may result in further damages and costlier repairs.
  • Ineffective – Different termite species require different type treatment,treatment a DIY solution might not work in getting rid of the termite infestation, hence incurring additional treatment and damage repairs.

Termite control is an ongoing process and even with modern chemical formulations and technologies, it is still necessary to work with termite experts to keep your home protected against these silent destroyers for the long term.

“Home is usually one of the largest investments a person will make in their lives. Therefore, homeowners must exercise prudence in making decisions to ensure that the treatments you chose are carried out in a safe and effective manner to keep your home and family safe from unwanted surprises.” said Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia.

For a successful termite management programme, it is critical to correctly identify the termite species and root cause of infestation before determining the required treatment. A professional comprehensive termite inspection will check on the areas that are being infested, severity of infestation, conditions of the property, and its surrounding that may be conducive to the survival of termites in your home.

On top of that, termite experts with extensive knowledge and experience on termite behaviours are also able provide homeowners with recommendations and proactive tips to minimise the risk of termite infestations. It is also essential to have regular termite inspections so that early detection of any termite activities can be made to lessen your risk of costly damages.

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