Timeline of Dengue Cases in Malaysia till August

Dengue cases in Malaysia have been increasing rapidly year by year and the government has been continuously trying to put a stop to this dengue crisis.

Here are the latest updates of dengue cases in Malaysia for year 2015. 

19th January – 151% increase of dengue cases was witnessed as of December 2014, which is about 108,698 compared to 43,346 in 2013. Death occurrence increased by 134%, significantly higher than last year.

11th February — The health ministry started testing a new approach to combat the alarming dengue cases, an outdoor spraying using ­deltamethrin-based insecticide.

28th February — 23,630 dengue cases and 69 deaths reported nationwide within 2 months. The numbers show an increase of 47% from 16,053 cases last year and a 114% surge from 29 deaths in the same period last year.

20th June - 53,823 dengue cases with 158 deaths were reported in Malaysia. Compared to the same period last year, the dengue cases show an increase of 34%. 

13th July - In an effort to combat dengue, the Ministry of Health sent stern warnings to all local authorities who failed their waste management will be issued with summons.

10th August - Dengue in Malaysia soar to 73,896 cases with an average of more than 300 cases reported daily. While Selangor is accounted for more than half of the country's cases with 41,477, followed by 7,719 in Johor and 6,679 in Perak. 201 lives were also claimed by dengue to date.

Control and preventive measures:

  • Remove stagnant water in containers, flower pots or vases to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Clear drainage system to prevent water from accumulating in the drain.

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