Timeline of Dengue Cases in Malaysia till November

In 2014, Malaysia dengue fatalities show no sign of slowing down and have hit a record high of 66 cases as of May 2014. The government has enforced its fight to combat dengue crisis across Malaysia.

Here are the rundowns of dengue cases.

  • 22 January — Recorded 6,155 number of cases and 10 deaths. Read more related news here.
  • 25 January — Hospitals experienced shortage of beds due to overflowing of patients with dengue fever.
  • 28 January — The Ministry of Health announced that homeowners who failed to take action to remove mosquitoes breeding grounds in their premises within 14 days will be fined RM500.
  • 2 February — 4 areas in Penang reported as dengue hotspots. The Northern state has recorded 257 cases and 2 deaths contributing to a total of 9,453 dengue cases and 17 deaths in the country.
  • 6 February — Clinics across Malaysia will temporarily extend their operating hours to accommodate the rising number of dengue patients, especially in the hotspot areas in Klang Valley. Dengue cases have increased to 10,712 with 19 deaths had been reported.
  • 15 February — The Ministry of Health has pointed that the staggering dengue cases are resulted from the change in variation of dengue viruses. There are now 4 closely related viruses, namely the serotypes DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4.
  • 18 February — 24 premises in Sri Nilam Apartments were fined with RM500.
  • 19 February — 5 homeowners in Taman Medan were fined RM500.
  • 20 February — The government will start its campaign of weekly fogging with a combination use of insecticide and temephos for four consecutive weeks in 10 hotspots in Klang Valley. Total numbers of dengue cases have increased to 13,915 and claimed a total of 25 lives.
  • 10th April — 14 construction sites in Selangor have been ordered to stop work after it was found to have become the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes during the Ops Gempur Aedes carried out by the Ministry of Health.
  • 1 May — A total of 29,788 dengue cases was reported this year until 26th April. The numbers show an increase of 277% compared to the same period last year. Dengue has also claimed 66 deaths which is an increase of 340% compared with 15 deaths in 2013.
  • 20 June - Dengue cases in Malaysia remain high with a total of 34,411 cases recorded nationwide between January and June, this is a growth of 215% compared to the same time last year. 75 deaths were reported as of June 2014 compared to 22 deaths in the prior year.
  • 19 July - Dengue has a 252% surge with 51,987 cases that claimed 94 lives compared to 14,755 cases and 29 deaths during the same period last year.
  • 31 July — According to the Health Minister, El Nino phenomenon, which is expected to hit Malaysia until end of this year, may increase the risk of vector borne diseases such as dengue and malaria.
  • 9 August — Dengue figures rose to 59,790 cases and 123 deaths. A 360% increase from the 16,585 reported cases, and four times greater than the 33 deaths recorded over the same period last year.
  • 5 September — The total number of dengue infections reported have risen to 68,144 compared with 18,923 last year. 131 dengue-related deaths have also been recorded to date, a 244% increase from the 38 deaths in the same period prior year.
  • 28 October — A total of 82,738 dengue cases have been reported as of 18th October. This is a surge of 212% compared to 26,527 cases recorded during the same period last year. The total number of deaths has also increased 166% from 59 cases in 2013 to 157 this year. 
  • 30 October — Special task forces have been set up to fight the surging Aedes threats in Selangor. The volunteer groups are tasked to search and destroy potential Aedes breeding grounds in the community and at the same time create dengue awareness among the public.

Based on the latest updates, there is a drop of 32 cases in Selangor from 19–25 October compared to 195 recorded cases a week earlier.

  • 8 November — 88,806 dengue cases and 169 deaths have been reported. This is an increase of 185% cases reported last year and three times higher from 63 deaths recorded during the same period last year.
  • 20 November — 1,429 dengue cases have been reported in Terengganu from January to November 2014. This is a hike of 203% compared to 471 cases accounted during the same period last year. Kuala Terengganu is currently classified as one of the top hot spots with 943 dengue cases and 2 deaths recorded in that area.

Control and preventive measures:

  • Remove stagnant water in containers, flower pots or vases to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Clear drainage system to prevent water from accumulating in the drain.

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Source : New Straits Times and The Star

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