Rentokil’s Pestaurant at 2014 ASEAN Pest Summit

Rentokil Initial has recently set up Malaysia’s Pestaurant at the 2014 ASEAN Pest Summit with an exquisite menu that includes an array of local food such as Locust Satay, Roasted Cricket/ Mealworm Kacang Putih, Kuih Lapis served with Crickets and Yam Cake served with Mealworms. Alongside with Rentokil’s scrumptious menu, a range of assorted flavoured crickets and mealworms prepared specially by Urban Entomology Lab (Universiti Sains Malaysia) was also served, to complement Professor Lee Chow Yang’s topic on “Why not eat insects?” at the conference.

Set to be one of the largest gatherings of Pest Manager's community in the ASEAN region, Pest Summit 2014 highlighted the importance of regional partnership between various Pest Management Associations. It also showcased ASEAN's common interests in collaboration with the responsibility to impact change in the pest management industry.

“Pestaurant is a gimmicky idea not to promote insect eating, but rather to educate and raise awareness of common pest issues amongst the public. As for today, delegates will gather at Pestaurant to honour all pest experts who have worked hard to keep pests at bay.” says Carol Lam, Managing Director Rentokil Initial Malaysia during the event. She continues: “Our experts at Rentokil deal with millions of pests for people all around the world daily. Insects such as crickets and grasshoppers may not be a serious pest issue in ASEAN countries, but it can be severe in other parts of the world.”

Rentokil’s Pestaurant received an overwhelming response during the 2014 ASEAN Pest Summit here as enthusiasts grasp their opportunity to ‘bite back at bugs’.

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