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Say No to Crow Hunting

6,000 crows were shot down recently in Klang following a crow shooting operation held by the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) this week.

Many netizens have cried foul and expressed their grievances towards the unsightly and cold-hearted operation. A netizen commented that the crows don't deserve such treatment, while another netizen suggested that it is more appropriate to educate the community first before killing innocent birds.

Crow is a common bird problem to the public as they are always seen tearing open trash bags, destroying crops and making a lot of noise. Shiny metal items that reflect light or sound recording of predators are commonly used scare tactics but birds are able to adapt quickly to a single scary stimulant hence the effect is temporary. To keep them at bay from your neighbourhood, here are some useful pest bird prevention tips:

  • Remove food source that attracts the birds
  • Dispose all household rubbish properly in trash cans with secured lids
  • Ensure trash cans are placed appropriately and not tipped over
  • Engage professional pest control company for a more effective bird control solutions

News Source: MOB

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