“Bite Back” at Bugs A New Gastronomy Challenge with Pestaurant

Pestaurant is part of Rentokil’s unique global event taking place in 12 cities around the world. This event is aimed to raise pest awareness, build general knowledge and understanding of common pest problems at home or at work. This bizarre occasion also celebrates Rentokil Initial’s 85 years of heritage in professional pest control services.

Last week, Rentokil Initial Malaysia launched its first "Pop-up Pestaurant" in the head office(HQ). An array of exquisite cuisine with added special ingredients such as meal worms, crickets and locust were served in HQ to employees, allowing them to ‘bite back’ at bugs. All employees were invited to indulge in the "specially prepared" local delicacies such as "Nasi Lemak" Mealworm, Salted Vinegar Cricket Porridge, BBQ Worm Bread, Assorted "Nyonya Kuih" with Roasted Cricket, Locust "Satay" and Scorpion Lollipop.

According to research done by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) in partnership with Wageningen University in the Netherlands, two billion people worldwide are currently eating 1,900 species of insects as part of their daily diet. The FAO report also shows that adult locusts and grasshoppers have comparable levels of protein in raw beef.

“Although edible insects such as fried crickets, grubs and insects are commonly consumed around South East Asia countries, many people still could not overcome the fear of eating it” said Carol Lam, Managing Director Rentokil Initial Malaysia during the event. She added that “I hope to introduce this unforgettable gourmet experience to Malaysians through Pestaurant in the near future, as it is all about creating pest awareness with a twist of fun.”

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