Employee Contracted Leptospirosis at his Workplace

An employee of a well known distribution centre was reported to have contracted Weil’s disease (also known as Leptospirosis) at his workplace.

The father-of-two was rushed to the hospital after he complained of debilitating flu-like symptoms. The doctors were at first puzzled by the cause of his illnesses when they discovered that he was suffering from severe kidney and liver failure.

It took them more than a week before he was finally diagnosed with the potentially life-threatening Leptospirosis.

The victim believed that he was infected with Leptospira bacteria when he was working as a distribution lorry driver. He also claimed that the distribution centre has consistently attracted a high number of rats due to improper food waste disposal.

In businesses, particularly the Industrial & Manufacturing and F&B Manufacturing sectors, it is crucial that food wastes are managed properly in order to prevent rat infestations. 

Besides spreading lethal diseases, other health and safety risk associated with rat infestations are damages to the electrical wiring, pillars, walls, and furniture as they tend to gnaw on hard materials to wear its incisors. Potential risk with rat infestations to the entire supply chain are significant product loss, damage of business reputation and audit failures.​

At Rentokil Pest Control, we believe in minimising pest infestation through strong partnership, proper education, exclusion and sanitation under our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme. Together with our online reporting system, we ensure that your pest management and audit needs are fully supported.

News Source: Daily Mail UK

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