Rats Invading Houses in London Following Heavy Rains

According to a recent report in Metro UK, rats are infiltrating homes in South East London after heavy rain destroyed their nests. Rats have been sneaking through holes and travelling up drain pipes to escape floods and to build new habitats. Rats can multiply with up to 6–7 litters per year with an average of 6–12 young per litter. With its rapid reproduction rates, rats can quickly go from being unnoticeable to causing a full-blown infestation.

It is important to learn the tell tale signs of rat infestations at your home before it turns serious. Here are some signs that rats have been invading your property:

  • Rat droppings.
  • Distinctive urine or musky odour.
  • Scratching noises on the roof.
  • Gnaw marks on your furniture and electrical wirings.
  • Suspicious food leftovers.

Rat infestations can be costly because they have a tendency to gnaw through anything from wooden doors and furniture. Besides that, rat's droppings have been known to contaminate food sources, trigger allergic reactions and spread infectious diseases like Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis.

If you come across any of the signs mentioned above, you may want to take immediate action to solve the rat problems before it worsen. At Rentokil Pest Control, we have a team of certified field biologists and highly skilled service technicians to provide you with effective recommendations and tailored solutions.

Source: News Shopper and Metro UK

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