Malaysia’s Dengue Epidemic Worsens in 2014

The country dengue cases remain high, with the number of infections this year hitting 6,155 as of 22 January 2014. This is about 243% higher than 1,792 cases seen over the same period in 2013. Meanwhile, the number of deaths reported in January this year doubled to 10 deaths compared to 5 deaths in the same period last year. Out of the 6,155 dengue cases reported, 3,168 (51.5%) were from Selangor. This alarming state is most evident as hospitals are reported experiencing shortage of beds and having to prioritise patients.

According to Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam, public are generally informed of the dangers of dengue but they tend to overlook places that may turn out to be Aedes mosquito breeding grounds. It is very  says . This simple yet the most effective step is essential in managing the dangerous mosquito-borne disease. Furthermore, Aedes mosquito control measures such as larviciding and thermal fogging is advisable in the prevention of mosquito breeding. If you wish to learn more about Aedes mosquito and the prevention methods, please read here.

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Source: Malaysian Insider and The Star

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