Supply Chain Risk Management Strategy with Integrated Pest Management

According to a recent article, Johor, which has the densest chicken population in Malaysia with more than 66 million birds or 26.45 per cent compared with 251 million nationwide, are facing an alarming fly infestation. The poultry sites management have been pointed out to be the root of the problem that had haunted the Southern state for years. The fly infestation has been described by the Johor Veterinary Services Department as a crucial issue which needed serious attention from farm operators. At least 10 poultry farms, mainly contract farmers, were ordered to cease operation since early this year due to poor waste and manure management.

Inappropriate waste and manure management eventually leads to pathogen contamination on food produce that cause serious health and environmental issues. Waste that ends up in water negatively changes the chemical composition of the water, which leads to water pollution. Besides that, poor waste and manure disposal also attracts abhorrent pest infestations.

Like many pests, flies are more than just a nuisance because these small creatures can generate greater impacts. For example, flies are known to transmit pathogenic microorganisms that cause E-coli and salmonella. Their sticky foot pads can carry leftover particles of manure or garbage excrement, which in turn can be transferred rapidly onto our food. And stored and raw foods are common breeding grounds for flies to lay eggs.

From farm to table, raw materials are to be given the utmost care to maintain the safety of the food supply chain. Supply chain risk management are strategies and processes to manage daily and uncommon risks along the supply chain based on risk assessment with the objective of ensuring smooth productivity and at the same time, minimising disruptions and unnecessary losses.

At Rentokil pest control, we emphasise on a successful integrated pest management (IPM) programme for our customers in the entire supply chain. Rentokil’s team of experts will work with you on our programme that is benchmarked against the most stringent standards or certification. Rentokil IPM is supported with online reporting services for better monitoring, visibility, easy access and checks by auditors. Our field biologists and service technicians are trained in food handling and GMP courses to further understand your business in order to minimise pest risk.

As the expert in pest control, we understand the differences and diversity across all markets and we know exactly what it takes to fully protect your business against a wide variety of pests.


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