Scientists Discover that Termites' Strongest Defense is their Faeces

Termites may look small and fragile but every year termite infestations caused up to US$40 billion (RM129.3 billion) worth of damages worldwide every year. Termites armies can work up to 24 hours a day, and termite infestations can go undiscovered until serious damage is done.

In Malaysia, termite infestations are one of the most devastating problem to many house owners. Many buildings and structures are damaged by these pests resulting in huge financial losses.

Recently, scientists in Florida have found a shocking discovery. According to the lab results, these scientists discovered that termites’ faeces are the main defense in their survival. A nine-year study has concluded that termites’ excrement act as a natural antibiotic, growing good bacteria in their subterranean nests. The research determined that Streptomyces bacteria that are found in termite nests and fed on termite faeces may be producing beneficial antimicrobial compounds that protect the termites from other potentially toxic substances. 

Rentokil Termite Control Solution

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