Silent Bloodsucker

We are always warned to never leave your belongings around, besides the clutter headaches it brings, there are bed bugs to worry about. Number of bed bugs have increase two to three fothe i, reports show that they have broaden their territory from bed to other locations such as retail stores, libraries, offices, cinemas, hotels and public transports. Bed bugs travel on your bags, clothing, books, and even letters to any places where humans have their good night sleep.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, which means they are only active during the dark, so it’s unlikely you will spot them in action during the day. As the night approached, these blood sucking parasites would emerged and feed upon you, as they pierce into your skin and inject a fluid that cause swelling. These swells will provoke severe irritation and leave small red bumps cluster across your skin. The good news is a bed bug bite do not hurt, however it only means you will sleep right through it.

Tips on how and where to identify bed bugs:

  1. Apple-seed in size, their slim figure enable them to retreat to nearby seams and cracks behind peeling wallpaper or furniture.
  2. While you’re asleep, chances are you might have roll and squash a bed bug mid-meal, leaving small red streaks on sheets and blankets.
  3. Bed bugs are shedders, they’ll leave exoskeletons, or shed skins behind.

So now you would probably be wondering how to get rid of bed bugs. 

Here are some tips:

  1. If you are returning home from public places, it’s best to allocate a separate space to drop all your belongings from other asset.
  2. Seal any suspicious goods in zip up bags to prevent it from infesting other places.
  3. Bed bugs can’t stand the heat, so you can wash your item in hot water more than 120 Fahrenheit to kill it.

However any evident of infestation, it’s time to consider for professional pest control help. While there are many available home remedies, failed attempt might turn up to cost more and leaving your place susceptible to a recurring infestation.

Rentokil offer an intensive 10 Days Bed Bug programme treatment that effectively exterminate your bed bugs worries. 

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