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October 2017

Termites could devalue your home by 25%. Discover this and 5 other scary impacts of termite infestation.

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September 2017

Learn more about our latest innovations like Lumnia and online reporting solutions.

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July 2017

Leaking downpipes draw termites towards your home and it may lead to extensive damages and costly repairs. Discover what could make your home attractive to termites.

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June 2017

Besides devaluing your property, termite infestations can also lead to serious injuries and even death. Don't wait any longer and find out what you can do to protect your home and family from termites.

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May 2017

Termites infestation may also lead to injuries and even death if the infested structure collapses. Find out what could make these silent destroyers to your home.

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December 2016

Germs could spread entire office building in 2 hours. Learn some useful ways to keep yourself protected from cross-contamination in workplace.

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September 2016

As the number of dengue cases continue to rise. Discover the actions that could contribute to the growth of these disease.

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June 2016

Discover bed bugs biology, habits and ways to treat bed bugs infestation before it leaves you with swollen bites.

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Enewsletter March 2016 Preview

March 2016

Find out more about the disadvantages of DIY termite treatments and the effective ways to get rid of termites.

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Enewsletter December 2015 Preview

December 2015

Learn about Rentokil's Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), a holistic mosquito control programme that targets each of the mosquito life cycle, which is key in combating mosquito-borne diseases.

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Enewsletter September 2015 Preview

September 2015

Discover the impact of Stored product insects (SPI) infestation on food supply chain and also the steps to control SPI infestation.

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Enewsletter cover June 2015

June 2015

Learn 5 simple steps you need to know to combat Malaysia dengue crisis

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Enewsletter cover March 2015

March 2015

Learn why termite is such a huge threat to homeowners and what can you do to protect your home and family from termite infestation.

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Enewsletter cover December 2014

December 2014

Get food poisoning statistics in Malaysia and find out how sanitation practices can minimise your risk of food contamination and pest infestation.

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Enewsletter cover September 2014

September 2014

Find out more about common pest entry points in a business premises and learn some useful pest exclusion tips to help minimise your risk management.

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Enewsletter cover June 2014

June 2014

Every year, pest infestations cause huge losses in food production in Asia and around the world. Learn why progressive education is fundamental in effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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Enewsletter cover march 2014

March 2014

Pest infestation is inevitable in a food related industry. Learn how a strong partnership with an expert pest controller can help improve your pest risk management.

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