Common Moth Species

Moths may look small and harmless but they can cause surprising amounts of damage to your clothing and stored products in general.

Learn more about the lifecycle and habits of moths that are commonly found in Malaysia.

Indian Meal Moth

(Plodia Interpunctella)


  • Adult wing span is around 14 – 20 mm long.
  • First third of forewings are cream in colour. Remainder of the wings is copper with dark grey spots.
  • Larva is yellowish white in colour and sometimes in reddish or greenish colour.


  • Egg to adult stage takes 27 days.


  • Often found on cereal grain, flour, groundnuts and dried fruits.
  • Leaves webbing and frass at infested areas.

Tropical Warehouse Moth

(Ephestia Cautella)


  • Adult wingspan wing span is around 15 — 20mm long.
  • Adult forewings are grey-brown banded with lighter and darker colours.
  • Larva can be whitish, yellowish or reddish in colour depending on food consumption.


  • Egg to adult stage takes 31 days.


  • Larva tends to wander upwards to dark areas to pupate.
  • Often found on stored cereals, nuts, dried fruit, oil seeds and oilcakes.

Angoumois Grain Moth

(Sitotroga cerealella)


  • Adult wing span is around 10 – 18 mm long.
  • Adult forewings are pale brown in colour and often with small black spot at the outer half.
  • The hint wings are with a long fringe of hairs, and sharply pointed at the tip.


  • Egg to adult stage takes around 25 – 28 days.


  • Eggs are laid on grain.
  • Larva completes its development within a single seed and leaves a small round hole when pupation complete.

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