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Hornets are considered pests because they will sting humans when they feel they or their nest are threatened. Hornet stings can be life-threatening for the small portion of the population that is allergic to insect stings.

If there is a hive with a colony of hornets on your property, it is highly recommended to contact the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia for removal assistance. Most serious hornet stinging incidents occur when untrained people attempt to remove nests by do-it-yourself methods.

Hornet Stings

Hornets only sting when they feel provoked. They can also mobilise the entire nest to sting in defence which is highly dangerous to humans. A sting by a hornet is a painful experience. It can be life threatening to those who are allergic and may suffer anaphylactic shock. It is advisable to get immediate medical assistance if one is stung by hornets.

How to Avoid Stings

A hornet nest can be found in a variety of locations from bird nest boxes, loft spaces and hollow walls to secluded corners of sheds and garages. To keep you safe from stings, only approach a nest if you are wearing protective clothing.

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