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Why Do You Need Routine Pest Control Treatment For Your Home?

Sighting of pest in your home can be distressing because you don’t know where they come from and how many more of these unwelcome guests are secretly hiding without you knowing. In addition to bugging you, did you know that it may not be safe for these pests to roam freely in your home? For example:
  • Termites can cause structural damages to homes and could potentially pose safety risk to house occupants.
  • Some ant species are known for painful bites and can spread harmful bacteria after travelling in unhygienic areas.
  • Cockroaches can pose serious health risk to humans. Their habit of spitting out food and defecating while feeding, and their movement from unsanitary places onto food makes them a disease carrier.
  • Rats can spread infectious diseases such as leptospirosis through its urine which can be fatal.
  • Mosquitoes are carriers for many infectious diseases that can be transmitted to a person when biting them.
  • Bed bugs are a nuisance as their bites can cause skin irritation and itchiness as well as serious sleep deprivation.

Most homeowners will attempt treating a pest problem on their own. However, they may only end up treating a pest infestation visible at the moment and not the root cause of it. Beneath the walls and deep in the crevices, lies the nesting ground for these pests that can be difficult to eliminate by just using off-the-shelves pesticides. Besides that, incorrect use of pesticides can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. We would strongly recommend in engaging a professional and trustable pest control service provider to solve all your pest worries.

Pest Control Services We Can Offer For Your Home

At Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia, we have the tools and experience to properly identify your pest problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Additionally, we also have a team of experts that are specialised in pest biological studies and are certified to provide effective recommendations and solutions for your home.

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