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Rentokil Surface Sanitation

Rentokil Surface Sanitation is the recommended precautionary measure to disinfect your premises if your site does not have any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Rentokil is ready to support you in the compliance of MITI requirements. Our objective is similar to yours which is to safeguard the customers and employees while reducing cross-contamination risks. 

If your premise have confirmed COVID-19, check out our Specialist Disinfection Service

Types of Rentokil Surface Sanitation

There are 2 types of surface sanitation service offered by Rentokil which are known as Rentokil Basic Surface Sanitation (RBSS) and Rentokil Surface Shield ™ Sanitation (RSSS)

  • RBSS - A thorough surface and space sanitation treatment that targets pathogens instantly upon contact. Treatment begins with surface disinfection spraying followed by space misting delivering the solutions to hard-to-reach areas

  • RSSS - Uses a unique disinfectant that creates a layer of microbial coating on surfaces treated by spraying and misting. The coating will stay intact up to 30 days destroying any pathogen cells that lands on the surface and can last up to 30 days even with routine cleaning

  • Vehicles - RSSS can be used to disinfect vehicles and is highly recommended for commercial vehicles which are constantly on the go. You never know if your vehicle picked up any viruses or pathogens

  • Air Conditioner - RSSS treatment can prevent growth and spread of harmful microorganisms and allergens through the ventilation system. The treatment will be applied on the surface supply and return vents of the air conditioner


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Why Do You Need Rentokil Surface Sanitation?

  • Sanitise your premises to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Safe and hygienic environment offers peace of mind
  • Responsible action to take during pandemic outbreak

1. Checklist

Customers will be given a precautionary disinfection checklist to prepare the site for treatment. People and pets (if any) must be evacuated from the area of treatment

2. Disinfection Treatment

Disinfection spraying commence on all critical touch points  followed by space misting which lands the disinfectant the same way as pathogens do

3. Quarantine

After the treatment is completed, the site will be quarantined for a minimum of 2 hours before commencing ventilation and re-entry


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