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Disinfection Service

Rentokil offers 2 types of disinfection services for both commercial and residential needs for infection control which are Rentokil Surface Sanitation (RSS) and Specialist Disinfection Service (SDS). It is essential that your premises have carried out sanitization services to minimise cross-contamination.

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How Do I Prevent Viral and Airborne Disease from Spreading?

Indoor surfaces and air may look and smell clean but it could be contaminated with microorganisms which contains harmful viruses and pathogens. It is contagious and spreads from person to person in various common ways which include:

  • Direct transmission from person to person
  • Breathing in air-borne droplets from infected person
  • Consuming food or water contaminated with a virus
  • Touching surfaces containing viruses (cross contamination)

Although the COVID-19 outbreak have since been active for more than a year or so. It still has prompted citizens to be concerned about their health and hygiene reasons. As we often hear the quote "prevention is better than cure", which we couldn’t emphasise more when it comes to airborne, viral and communicable diseases. An infected person can have life-threatening complications and are especially riskier for those who are young or very old. However, there are ways to prevent you and the people you care about from getting these deadly diseases by choosing the need of infection control.

Besides the MITI requirement to regularly sanitise common touch points with disinfectants such as sodium hydrochloride and other off-shelf antibacterial spray, it is recommended to treat your property with a thorough surface and space disinfection treatment by a trusted professional. A proper disinfection treatment can sanitise your property effectively and reduce the risk of virus transmission especially in high traffic areas.


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