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Dual AutoGate Connect

Rentokil’s latest innovation, Dual AutoGate Connect (DAG) is also part of our PestConnect network that offers remote monitoring which are placed inside a baiting station. When it is triggered, it sends out a signal to the system and records all triggers and provides a clear report on any possible trends of infestations. It is suitable to be placed in the perimeter (1st line) and exterior (2nd line) of the site for early pest detection

The DAG has a motorised door that limits entry to the baits so secondary pests are not able to gain access to the baits placed. The door will only open up when the unit is triggered by the targeted pest which will then allow the pest to enter into the baiting station. With the DAG triggered, it will send out a signal to alert of potential infestation in the premises.

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How It Works?


Dual AutoGate is constantly monitoring rodent activities. It opens door for targeted pest to enter to access bait when there's proven infestation.


Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

The trigger of Dual AutoGate will send a signal to alert Rentokil of the pest activity for our technicians to take the necessary measures


Integrated with myRentokil

The data and insights captured will be recorded inside myRentokil so you can use the reports generated for audit purposes


Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Accessible Data - Improved data transparency and traceability

  • Self-contained Unit with Discreet Design - Hygienic and unobstructive

  • First Line and Second Line Defence - Able to detect pest activities early before it penetrates into the 3rd line defence which is within your premises

  • Focuses on Targeted Pests - Minimises false alarm from non-targeted pests

  • Alert System - Pest activities will be captured and technicians will be alerted to schedule your next visit

  • Remote Monitoring - Self-monitoring capability so you can focus on your other priorities

What Our Customers Think About The DAG

"Tateyama is very happy to be working with Rentokil to take proactive steps to minimise the risk of infestations. With your digital pest solutions, we've gotten very fast response and there is more transparency compared to traditional pest control."
En Zahari - Tateyama Food Industries

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