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Setting A New Standard with Improved Data Transparency

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices with the ability to communicate with one another are no longer limited to gadgets. We believe data should influence key decisions as data-informed decisions are always the best. 

At Rentokil, our range of IoT enabled pest management solutions provide commercial business customers unrivaled pest data, insights and reporting to help proactively prevent, monitor and manage pests with new levels of efficiency and control. Hence, the ability to capture meaningful data stands at the core of the development of PestConnect.


PestConnect is our latest innovative solution designed to support businesses with increasingly stringent audit requirements and complex prerequisite programmes. It is an ecosystem of connected devices which capture and transmit data back to myRentokil, so data is available for customers and relevant stakeholders anytime, anywhere. With the availability of data at every stage, it provides our customers with improved data transparency and better traceability.

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  • Monitor - Units are placed at strategic locations around the premises to provide continuous monitoring of rodent activity

  • Alert - Units automatically detect rodent activity using sensors, record data and send alerts to our technician

  • Respond - Upon receiving alerts, our technicians will contact you to schedule a site visit within the agreed timeframe. Technicians will conduct a site inspection to determine how the infestation occured and advice future proofing methods to mitigate rodent activities

  • Report - Technicians will record all service activity on a smart device which sends data to myRentokil. Our customers are able to access these service visits easily in a digital report

  • Review - Following onsite surveys, our technicians will recommend preventive measures which are made available to the customer in myRentokil. Customers can access all incident data to identify risks, act on recommendations and chart trends across all sites to comply with audit requirements

Key Features & Benefits

  • Continuous Protection - Constant monitoring on rodent activities in premises

  • Remote Monitoring - Self-monitoring capability so you can focus on your other priorities

  • Alert System - Pest activities will be captured and technicians will be alerted to schedule your next visit

  • 24/7 Accessible Data in myRentokil - Improved data transparency and traceability

  • Improved Audit Compliance - Reports generated on myRentokil can be used to facilitate audits for easier processes


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