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Bird Control

While most bird species in Malaysia are good to have around, thanks to their attractive plumage and mesmerising birdsong. However, when a flock of birds gather at a roosting site, they can quickly turn into pest birds and can lead to serious consequences.

  • Risks for Businesses

    • Corrossive bird droppings, containing uric acid, can deface and degrade the building's structural integrity
    • Negative impact on business image
    • Contaminate and damage stocks, leading to revenue loss
    • Slippery droppings may cause slip, trip and fall accidents to staff and visitors
    • Potential business suspension for contaminated stock by public health authorities
    • Non-conformance by audit bodies

  • Risks for Homes

    • Bird droppings carry an array of harmful bacteria which can cause life-threatening diseases such as avian flu and salmonellosis
    • Encourages secondary pest infestation, e.g. ticks and mites, which are attracted to their nests and roosting sites
    • Birds can damage your home by dislodging roof tiles and blocking rain gutters

Benefits of Bird Control for Your Premises

  • Prevention of defacement — Bird droppings contain uric acid that accelerates the deterioration of buildings.
  • Reduction of diseases — Pest birds such as starlings and pigeons carry a wide range of harmful bacteria including Salmonella (which may cause food poisoning).
  • Avoid contamination — Prevent contamination and defects on goods caused from bird nesting material, feathers, droppings, vomit, and mites.
  • Prevention of fouling to entrances and pavements — Slippery droppings render pavements hazardous especially during rainy conditions.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs — Nests and droppings block rain gutters and down-pipes. These results in overflow of water that can lead to timber decay, broken rendering, ruined decorations and even lead to severe structural damages.
  • Elimination of noise and smell — The noises made by pest birds is annoying and the droppings produce objectionable odour.
  • Reduction of skin diseases — Bird droppings and nesting materials harbour a wide variety of insects including mites. These can cause skin irritation among people with sensitive skin.

Your Bird Control Starts Here

Why Rentokil Bird Control?

  • Strong Technical Expertise - Our team of experienced Bird Control Experts are well-versed in local pest bird biology and behaviour through regular, up-to-date trainings

  • Deliver Service Promise - At Rentokil we are committed to bringing value through our offerings from tailored solutions, online reporting to supporting audits for our customers

  • Stringent Safety Standards - We are commited to provide efficient services with the highest level of safety standards to ensure any works carried out safely and with zero disruption

  • Effective Bird Control Solutions - Our range of bird control solutions are customised with quality, durable materials to provide tailored solutions to meet your challenges

Rentokil’s Professional Bird Control Solutions

Besides effective solutions, a successful bird management programme requires much planning and time to implement, which is why we have developed our scope of work to manage your bird infestation effectively:

  • Thorough site survey to be conducted to determine the bird species, extent of their infestation, their roosting and nesting sites, evaluate the safety and health risks involved before proposing the most suitable control methods and quotation
  • Clearing of nests and cleaning up of droppings by cleaning contractor of the building
  • Our service technicians are extensively trained on what is needed to be done to make sure that the setting up process comply with safety and health policies

Bird Deterrent & Repellent

Rentokil bird deterrent is a versatile and effective solution that can be fitted to any part of your premises where birds are likely to settle. These humane methods can prevent birds from roosting on exposed ledges, sills, steel beams, and other common places and force them to alight elsewhere. The available deterrent and repellent options are:

  • Bird Eye
  • Bird Wire
  • Bird Point
  • Bird Track
  • Bird Gel

Bird Net System

Bird net system is an effective and discreet solution to get rid of pest birds. The net protects and preserves the building by providing a physical barrier that prevents birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites.

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