The New Wave of Pest Control: Digital Pest Solutions and PestConnect

Many months have passed since the start of the Movement Control Order and businesses might finally see the end of the tunnel soon. With the latest announcement that CMCO has ended on the 9th of June and RMCO will take its place, businesses who have remained closed are gearing up to reopen under strict SOP and guidelines to ensure not only the safety of their customers, but their employees as well. Businesses now face a unique dilemma, how do they limit the number of third party services while still maintaining all essential services? 

Pest control is an extremely important service for many businesses, especially those dealing with food production, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing industries and cannot be disregarded or ignored. Rentokil has understood this challenge many years ago and our global innovation team has always worked tirelessly to innovate our pest solutions to meet customer demands and have been pioneering the digital pest landscape to bring pest control to new heights. With these innovations, businesses can be easily prepared to manage pest infestations even while away from their premises for any future disruptions in their operations.

Introduction to PestConnect

PestConnect is Rentokil’s Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. It is made of multiple connected devices sharing information with one another through our digital customer platform, myRentokil. The PestConnect system is designed to support businesses who face stringent audit requirements and SOPs. With the extraordinary circumstances right now, this is even more relevant to our customers to limit the number of visitors on their premises. Through myRentokil, data is available for our customers and relevant stakeholders at all times. This transparency in data and enhanced traceability ensures our customers are able to instantly monitor their pest levels at targeted areas and provides many features to help customers stay proactive against pest infestations.

i) Remote Monitoring

With PestConnect and myRentokil, our customers are able to monitor pest levels and infestations anywhere at any time. A manual checking of all stations is no longer necessary as the information is automatically recorded on myRentokil. This is even more crucial for businesses with large premises such as factories and other manufacturing sectors. Timely site visits will also be reduced to ensure no disruptions to your business. With our digital pest solutions, our customers are able to check specific areas within their premises without having to wait as well as easy tracing of historical data and trends to determine any potential infestations and remain proactive. 

ii) Automated Alerts and Signals for Fast response

Once activated, our PestConnect devices are able to alert our technicians if they have detected any pest activity or if a catchment has been made. Our technicians will then proceed to arrange an appointment to deal with the situation accordingly. Some devices are also able to determine pest activity and keep count of current levels. With this record of pest activity, the main benefit PestConnect provides to our customer is the ability to predict any upcoming infestations before they begin. Furthermore,  it saves time, removes business disruptions, reduces costs in the long run and also provides round the clock monitoring that conventional pest control methods can not provide. 

iii) Robust Reporting

Finally, myRentokil compiles data to make detailed reports for our customers. These reports are customisable based on your needs and can provide insights into possible pest entry points, if pest infestations are on the rise, possible pest harborage, and historical data to determine if current pest control methods are sufficient. These reports can be split by location and are extremely helpful for audits. Furthermore, our technicians provide recommendations at these monitoring points where customers can act on to minimise pest infestations that meet audit requirements. These reports are available to our customers at any time which reduces the time taken as compared to relying on manual reports in the past.

How can Digital Pest Solutions Be Advantageous For Your Business

With PestConnect and myRentokil systems working hand in hand, all information that is important to our customer is at their fingertips. Pest infestations can be prevented by analysing data stored in myRentokil, proactive measures that have been recommended by our technicians can be tracked and actioned upon and possible incoming infestations can be identified before becoming full blown infestations.

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