Preparing Your Office For The New Normal Post MCO

With the end of MCO slowly approaching, many Malaysians are preparing to finally leave their homes and go back to work. For many, this will mean going back to the way things were before the MCO was implemented. However, as informed by our Prime Minister, things will not go back to the way it was for months or maybe even years, even after MCO is lifted. This “new normal” is what we have to adapt to. But what is this new normal and how do we prepare for it? 

The New Normal

What is the new normal? For now, it is uncertain but there are a few things that will most probably have to change until a successful treatment or vaccine is invented. Social gatherings or events will have to be postponed indefinitely, and new systems will most probably be put into place to make sure sufficient distance is put between individuals. For the layman, we will most probably have to change the way we interact with one another, especially for work. 

How To Prepare:

1. Conduct Disinfection Service in Your Workplace

Before stepping foot into the office, it’s up to your company or employer to make sure they’ve done a round of disinfection for the office. Once again, we cannot go back to the old ways. We have to adapt to the new normal and disinfection needs to be done regularly, not just when another pandemic breaks out. Disinfecting surfaces such as desks and chairs as well as heavy touchpoints like light switches and door handles can reduce the risk of cross contamination, which will decrease the chance of a potential outbreak. 


2. Always Wear A Mask When Around People

While your office is being prepared, we need to take a few precautions as well. The virus is reported to spread through water droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, as well as contaminated surfaces such as light switches, door handles, etc. Recent studies have shown that the virus can be present in the air but for now, it is not known if it can be transmitted through air. This is why a face mask can be a good precaution to help reduce the risk of getting infected. When social distancing is not viable such as in the office, always wear a mask for that extra protection. 


3. Have Hand Sanitiser Handy

Hand sanitiser is another thing you should always have available. The best way to keep yourself safe is to wash your hands frequently, and hand sanitiser is essential to completing the process. Hand sanitiser is able to kill germs and reduce the risk of cross contamination significantly. That’s why having it in your desk drawer or bag is important to keep your hands safe after washing and drying them. Furthermore,  if you’re the owner of a business, you should be following MITI’s operating SOP which requires you to provide hand sanitiser in common areas such as entrances and toilets for guests and employees. 

4. Practice Social Distancing

Probably the most important is to continue practicing social distancing as much as you can, even after MCO is lifted. This may be difficult when your office may be filled with people but we should try our best to keep our distance. The best way for employers to do this is to implement a rotation basis for all employees. This limits the number of people coming into office as well as allows for those having to come to work to practice social distancing as much as possible. But social distancing doesn’t apply to just work. All of us will have to continue practicing social distancing in our daily lives, which means social gatherings or going to crowded places will have to be kept at a minimum. 

What This Means For All Of Us

In summary, even after the MCO is lifted, we won’t be able to go back to the way things were that quickly, if at all. Governments will have to reevaluate their responses to pandemic outbreaks, event organisers will be faced with challenging problems on how to ensure the safety of their guests and companies will have to raise hygiene standards and provide the necessary hygiene products for their employees. That’s why Rentokil Initial is here to help companies resume operations as quickly as possible while keeping their employees safe.

Rentokil Surface Shield™ Sanitation can disinfect your premises as well as commercial vehicles and applies protection for up to 30 days. Furthermore, Rentokil has a specialist team who are trained and certified to disinfect sites with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases. This Specialist Disinfection Service requires a higher level of personal protection equipment protocol and a more comprehensive report on post treatment. We also provide Initial hand sanitisers as well as Initial multi surface sanitisers to reduce the risk of cross contamination. At any point of time, Rentokil Initial is able to help our customers in their time of need and keep them safe.



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