COHEP is Improving the Essentials of Life

Rentokil Initial's Community Orientated Health Education Programme, otherwise known as COHEP, primarily aims at educating communities in developing countries about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene.

The logo represents 3 primary areas that Rentokil Initial focuses on: Community (the globe), Health and Lives (the heart), and Hygiene (the water droplet). Its vision is to improve health conditions and give opportunity for individuals to achieve their fullest potential. This programme will benefit communities that are suffering from the lack of hygiene knowledge and skills while engaging Rentokil Initial’s employees in a significant community involvement opportunity.

There are many on-going COHEP activities that have been around for many years, which include educational talks to create awareness about personal hygiene, feminine hygiene and dengue, targeting different age groups from as young as kindergarten students to senior citizens. Rentokil Initial believes that through this programme it can make a difference in the lives of many.

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