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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can make our life really miserable. Besides causing constant annoyance and irritation, some species can also transmit deadly diseases. As mosquitoes are pervasive pests, the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to arrange for specialised treatments by fully licensed pest control professionals.

Professional Mosquito Control Services from Rentokil

At Rentokil, our pest experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of mosquitoes. Effective trainings enable us to treat and get rid of mosquitoes as effectively as possible, helping you to not only minimise itchy mosquito bites but more importantly, the protection against mosquito-borne viral diseases including dengue fever that could be fatal.

Remember: Female mosquitoes require just a few inches of stagnant and clean water to deposit her eggs!

Our Solution - Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)

  • Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Ground

    • Eliminate potential breeding grounds by frequently checking and removing stagnant water collected by unused items in the premises.
    • Common breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes include flower pot plate, unused container and hardened soil of potted plant.
    • Reducing potential breeding sites in your premises is crucial so that mosquitoes will have less sites to breed and this will increase effectiveness of larvicide treatment.

  • Larviciding

    • It is a treatment to control the development of mosquitoes’ larvae.
    • Larvicide treatment at mosquito hotspots can help to reduce infestation.
    • A thorough inspection for any potential breeding ground will be conducted before we carry out the larvicide treatment.

  • Thermal Fogging (Water and Diesel based)

    • Thermal fogging can be carried out to eliminates adult mosquitoes, hence breaking the breeding cycle.
    • It is essential to fog at the right time when the mosquitoes are active for an effective control.
    • There are 2 types of fogging, namely water-based thermal fogging and diesel-based thermal fogging.
    • Both are equally effective in eliminating the harbouring and breeding of adult mosquitoes surrounding your premises compound.
    • Water-based fogging is recommended due to its properties that are effective, environmental friendly and safe.
    • Water-based fogging does not produce carbon emission and releases minimal rate of smoke, diminishing foggy environment for improved visibility, safety and health.

  • Adult Mosquito Trap

    • Effective against mosquitoes species such as Aedes and Culex.
    • It works by distributing a scent around the trap; mosquitoes lured to it are then sucked in by a fan.
    • Trapped adult mosquitoes eventually dehydrate and die, breaking the breeding life-cycle.
    • It is also used for monitoring mosquito activities.

  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting

    • Chemical intervention through ULV Misting is another way to eliminate adult mosquitoes which also helps in breaking the breeding cycle.
    • This method can cover areas from small to a huge location and is applicable to indoor areas.

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