6 Horrifying Termites Facts Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Termites are often cited as the silent destroyer by most homeowners. But did you know how terrifying this little creature can be? Read on to find out more.



1) Termites feed on anything that contains cellulose (wood). When they invade your home, all your books, expensive paintings and furniture are at risk of being devoured by termites.


2) Termite workers work round the clock and they are always eating 24 hours a day. Did you know that termites can destroy your entire wooden door or window frame in 2 weeks?



3) Termites prefer to be in dark and humid environment, hence they do not feed on the surface of wood, That’s why it can be very difficult to detect their existence until it is too late as they tend to eat your house from inside out.



4) Termite damages can cost up to thousands of ringgits to repair and most home insurance does not cover cost incurred to repair termite damages. Did you know that termites cause an estimated RM40mil in property damages every year in Malaysia?



5) Termite infestations that are left untreated can lead to serious damages and cause floors or roof to collapse.



6) Termite infestation can significantly reduce the value of your property!

In order to minimise costly damages and repairs from termite infestation, it is essential to get an intensive termite inspection done annually by the experts. An early detection of active termite activities can save you from serious damages on your property.

To understand further on how a termite infestation can affect you and your home, check out our videos and join the interactive adventure to decide what happens next when Mary found some strange marks in her living room.

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